World in Audition (Online)

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World in Audition

World In Audition ( is the sequel to hit online dancing game, AuditionSEA. Developed by Hanbitsoft, the free-to-play multiplayer online rhythm game amps up popular attributes from its precedent title and introduces new game modes and customizable features to deliver a variety of ways for players to enjoy music and to socialize online.


1. The unique Ladder System: Unique Ladder System will allow you to progress up the ranks, rake in ranking points and compete against players around the same level. Championship honors are up for grab at the end of every season and dance your way to the Hall of Fame for special privileges.

2. Unique interactive waiting room, fully transform an exclusive space: WIA allows you to interact with your friends in the waiting room and even redesign it to your taste!

3. A lively Elvish Garden, creating surprises with Magical Pollen: In »WIA«, you can have your own dream garden, and the cutest elf will take care of the flowers with you. The obedient elf will make sure that the garden is in perfect state at all times. Wandering businessmen will appear in the garden, and players can exchange items and elf clothes with flowers, rewarding the elf at the right time will earn you surprises! Take good care of your very own secret garden!

4. Rich friend-making modes to draw the distance near: There are most friend-making modes in "WIA": amusing emotion actions, messaging with the lover, and the free editing of dynamic notes, and the push announcement board to share your feelings with your best friends, "WIA" wants you to happily make friend with zero problems. Meet friends in "WIA" now!

Game Modes

1. Shooting Star: All new tempo Star Mode, hit the space bar/ direction keys according to the stars that appear on the screen, performing a perfect combination of music and game.

2. Fine Star: If you wish to become ”The Best Star Who collects 5 Stars” in WIA, you are welcome to challenge Fine Star mode. The combination of collecting stars while playing freestyle is much more challenging than normal game.

3. Bling Holing: The all new mode- Star Stage, compete on the stage in outer space, use the direction keys or space bar to hit and get the best marks, when the energy bar is full, you can even use items to attack your opponents.

4. Crazy: Advanced version of the classical crazy Mode,LV.1 to LV.9, the higher the level, the crazier is the speed and difficulty! Challenge the limit of your eyes and hands!

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